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We welcome applications from artists/collaborations working in contemporary art. Open to all nationalities and any aged 18 and above.

Art Categories:

  • Painting (Two-dimensional artworks created by applying dyes and pigments with a binder, usually using a brush, to a surface (canvas, paper, wood, plastic, glass, metal, plaster, and other).

  • Drawing, calligraphy, printmaking (Two-dimensional artworks made by drawing onto a surface (paper, wood, glass, metal, plastic, fabric, and other), including drawings that have been reproduced and/or further elaborated through printmaking techniques (i.e. engraving, intaglio, etching, aquatint, and other). Pen-and-ink calligraphic works are also included in this category)

  • Installation Art (Constructions, assemblages, and/or settings that can be conceived as site-specific, environmental, ephemeral, or permanent installations made with different media, including digital media. An installation is meant to be an artwork as a whole offering sensorial, emotional, and/or cognitive experience to the audience, rather than a display of separate, individual pieces of work.)

  • Ceramic Art (Two-dimensional and three-dimensional works made of fired clay, with or without paint firing and/or glazing. Proficiency in ceramic techniques prevails in the creative process of the works in this category.)

  • Mixed Media (Almost two-dimensional artworks made with different media by applying different materials and/or objects onto a surface (i.e., collages, mosaics, stained glass, sand compositions, and others).

  • Digital Art (Works of art produced using digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process to obtain digital images, animation, visual and/or sound effects, and others. Digital art images can produced using 2D and 3D computer graphics; taken from other sources (i.e., scanned photographs) and processed; computer generated; or combining different digital technologies and media. Virtual, and Augmented Reality Art projects belong to this category.)

  • Performance art (Creative projects for the realization of which the artist uses their own body as a medium, and performs an action or series of actions which become the artwork. The performance can be filmed and presented as a video. Body art, action painting, intermedia, and happenings, for instance, shall be included in this category. Unless a digital art component prevails, the same applies to interactive projects.)

  • Photography (Photographs taken with either analog or digital cameras and/or other equipment, printed on any kind of surface. All kinds of mount are acceptable, including lightbox.)

  • Sculpture (Three-dimensional works, including reliefs, made sculpting, carving, or chiseling any material such as stone, wood, and other. Moulded works made with different materials such as wax, papier maché, clay, and others. Casts, metal sculptures, and 3D prints. Three-dimensional works, including kinetic sculptures, made by assembling or otherwise combining one or more materials and/or objects.

  • Textile & Fiber Art (Two-dimensional and three-dimensional works made with traditional and/or innovative textile materials and techniques, which should represent the most salient aspect of the work. This category includes works such as tapestries, carpets, embroideries, patchworks, forms created by moulding, stitching and/or otherwise processing fabric, and/or felt, and/or fibers either with or without painting.)

  • Video Art (Artworks relying on moving pictures in a visual or visual-and-audio medium.)

Benefits for the artists/collaborations:

  • All applicants will be featured on our website through an artist profile.

  • Four artists will be chosen by a board committee and sponsored with 30%, 50%, 70%, or 100%.

  • Four artists will be selected by a curatorial committee and sponsored with 30%, 50%, 70%, or 100%.

  • Three artists will be chosen by sponsored companies and will receive a monetary award ranging from 2000 to 5000 EUR.

  • Enjoy a free artist page on, expanding your online presence and connecting you with art enthusiasts worldwide.

  • All participating artists are considered for the special Biennale Award.

  • Receive a Certificate of Participation, acknowledging your valuable contribution to the exhibition at this renowned venue.

  • Gain exposure to collectors, Biennale visitors, and art lovers, opening new avenues for your artistic career.

  • Have your artwork published on a full-color page in the official catalog, accompanied by a short biography.

  • Access professional videos and photos of the opening, daily events, and closing of the Biennale, capturing cherished memories of your collective's success.

  • Seize the opportunity to be represented by the Georgian-international art platform 'Collect Art' and connected to Georgian galleries.

  • Any artwork sold during the event will yield a 60% commission for the artist.

  • Your artwork will be prominently featured on our Instagram feed and stories, introducing you and your masterpieces to collectors, art buyers, galleries, interior designers, art fairs, and various artsy platforms.

  • Participating in Masterclasses, talks, and meetings with Cultural professionals.

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